Home Yoga Training

We provide home visit yoga services at your doorstep.Practicing yoga at home brings good mood, understanding, love and care for  your beloved.It attracts good energy and creates positive ambience.It also saves your time to travel to a yoga studio.‘Yoga at Home’ gives you the opportunity to have your own personalized yoga menu  that suits your personality. The teacher guides you with the best practices customized to your need and requirement with personal care and attention.The session is for one hour duration, weekly 3 days.You can select either Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or even  week ends.

The teachers are well qualified, experienced, professional and dedicated full time for the cause of YOGA.

We provide the following yoga services at your home:

Yoga for Wellness

i)Beginners Yoga  ii) Intermediate Yoga    iii)  Advance Yoga

iv)Gentle Yoga v)Relaxation Yoga vi)Dynamic Yoga vii)Sun Salutation viii) Introduction to Pranayama ix)Yoga Nidra ix)Yoga for wellbeing  x)Yoga for stress Management   xi) Yoga for Physical Fitness

xii)Yoga for Children  xiii) Yoga for Women   xiv)Yoga for Senior Citizen

Yoga for Women

i)Pre Natal Yoga          ii)   Post Natal Yoga        iii)    Yoga for Menstrual Disorder

Yoga for Children

i)Yoga for Memory and Concentration     ii)    Yoga for Eye Sight    iii) Yoga for Hyperactive Children

Yoga Therapy for Musculoskeletal Disorders

i)  Back pain  ii) Sciatica iii) Slip Disc iii) Spondylolisthesis iv) Spondylosis v) Ankylosing Spondylitis

vi) Carpel Tunnel Syndrome vii)Repetitive Strain Injuries(RSI) viii)Computer Vision Syndrome

ix) Cervical Spondylosis x) Neck pain xi) Shoulder pain xi) Knee Pain

xii) Osteo Arthritis (OA)  xiii) Joints pain xiv)Osteoporosis

Yoga Therapy for Nervous Disorders

i) Insomnia/Sleeplessness ii)Headache iii)Migraine iv)Vertigo iv)Paralysis vi) Parkinson’s disease vii)Cramps viii) Multiple Sclerosis ix)GB Syndrome x) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome(CFS)

Yoga Therapy for Metabolic Disorders

i) Diabetes ii)Over Weight iii)Under Weight  iv) Eating Disorder  v)Hypothyroidism Vi)Hyperthyroidism vii)Height Gain

Yoga Therapy for Respiratoy Disorders

i)Bronchitis ii)Bronchial Asthma iii)Nasal Allergy iv)Sinus

Yoga Therapy for Digestive Disorders

i) Constipation ii)Indigestion iii)Acidity iv)Gastritis v) Irritable Bowel syndrome

vi)Peptic Ulcer  vii) Ulcerative Colitis viii)Piles

Yoga Therapy for Reproductive Disorders

i)Dysmenorrhoea ii)Amenorrhoea iii)Menorrhagia iv)Leucorrhoea v)Overian Cyst vi) Prostrate

Yoga Therapy for Cardiovascular Disorders

i) Hypertension ii)Heart Problem iii) Cholesterol

Yoga Therapy for Immune Disorders

i) Cancer (initial stage) ii) Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Yoga Therapy for Psychological Problems

i)Anxiety ii)Depression iii)Anger

Yoga Therapy for Ear Disorders

i)  Tinnitus

Yoga for rehabilitation

For Sinus & Nasal Allergy
•    Jala Neti
•    Sutra Neti

For Acidity & Indigestion
•    Kunjal kriya or Vamana Dhouti

For Constipation and gas
•    Laghu Sankhaprakshalana

For Eye Sight Improvement
•    Trataka