Singapore Private Yoga Classes in Jalan Kayu

Online Yoga Classes in Jalan Kayu, Singapore

Singapore Private Yoga Classes in Jalan Kayu

Singapore Private Yoga Classes in Jalan Kayu

Practicing with a teacher privately allows you to tailor your session to your specific needs, such as dealing with an injury or health concern.

Private sessions are a great way to build a strong foundation to then continue your practice at home or in a group class.
Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience with one of our talented teachers on staff.

Each session is customized to serve your individual needs and can include physical postures, specific sequences, breath work and meditation. Some benefits of private yoga include individual attention,
addressing a specific health issue and working toward personal goals.

1 Classes = 1 Hour = Price = S$ 30

10 Classes Price = S$ 25×10 = S$ 250

Contact On : whatsup no : +91 9849 150 590

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