Terms & Conditions

  • The registered instructor age about 22 years and above (below 22 years are not allowed to register).
  • The Instructor profile must contain with Tutor Photograph, later updated Resume and present residing address and valid Mobile number, Email ID.
  • The Instructor warrant that his/her e-mail, Mobile and other contract details are valid and will be and up to date when using the Website.
  • The registration charges are Rs.500/- for Female and Rs.1000/- for Male.
     The Registration charges are not refundable under any circumstances.
  • If a registered instructor is not responding to the CALL/SMS/EMAIL alerts from the LYV then the tutor profile will get blocked with/without prior notice.
  • Registered Instructor must provide soft copy of their Academic Certificates for the verification if LYV Management or client demands.
  • Selected Instructor do not share their selected Classes details with their friends/colleagues and do not invite them to the Clint’s residence at the time of introduction/Demo class.
  • The Instructor’s mobile must be switched off at the time of Class/demo session. And the Instructor do not waste much time by discussing personal matters and his/her future career plans etc. with the student/parent.
  • LYV has the right to cancel the Instructor’s assignments and Blocking who’s profile without giving prior notice, if any complaints from the Clint (like incompetence, misappropriate behavior, lack of punctuality etc. Of the tutor).

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